with urgency, but not with haste
Emma. 22.

this blog is no longer active

you can find me at ivywalled

LET ME TELL YOU A STORY ABOUT EMILY. emily, once upon a time, followed me. and then boston got bombed and I could NOT deal with anythig going on but I coudln’t leave my computer it was the worst it was so horrible. and then this BEAUTIFUL WONDERFUL KIND BRILLIANT GIRL sends me a message an is like yo gimme your number I’ll text you if anyting happens get off the computer go take care of yourself

THAT IS THE KDIN OF WONDERFUL PERSON EMILY IS. SHE IS KIND AND CARING AND GENTLE AND SWETE AND BRILLIANT AND AMAIZNG AND we’ haven’t been friends fro THAT long but I LOVE HER and we’re gonan bake bread together oned ay

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